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Paladin Tools Paladin Computer Service Toolkit
Product# 03479964000P
Selling for $119.99

For repair and maintenance of desktop computers & electronic equipment. Kit includes: 3.6V cordless screwdriver, battery & charger; ESD wrist strap;30-watt soldering iron; desolderer & soldering aid with pick & scraper/cutter tip; 2 needle nose pliers; angled-head lead cutter; insulated tweezers; component gripper & IC extractor; 10-piece driver socket set; 24-piece driver bit set including Torx, Hex, Phillips, Pozidrive, Slotted & Square-Head; and socket adapter/extender....

Paladin Tools DataShark All-in-One Crimper
Product# 03479998000P
Selling for $21.99

The one tool you need for cutting, stripping, and crimping data and telephone cable. Crimps RJ45 data plugs and RJ11/12 telephone plugs. Cuts and strips flat satin phone cable and round data cables....

Paladin Tools CrimpALL 8000 Crimper RJ45 & CATV "F"
Product# 03479978000P
Selling for $77.99

Paladin Tools 8000 series crimpers are the easiest on the market to use. The 8045 crimps both RJ45 modular plugs and RG6/6Q CATV "F" connectors. Crimp with one hand - effortlessly! Reduced grip distance to comfortably fit large and small hands. Ultra-smooth ratchet design, rubber grip handles. No breakover hand force - the effort required by most crimpers to make the last click at the end of the cycle to complete the crimp - the CrimpALL does all the work!...

Paladin Tools DataShark Cable TV Satellite / Home Theater Kit
Product# 03460010000P
Selling for $32.99

Everything you need to do it yourself - just add cable! This kit includes all of the tools you need to make coax cables for your TV. It comes complete in a plastic carrying case with foam insert to hold each tool along with 10 RG6 CATV "F" connectors....

Paladin Tools SurePunch Pro PDT 110/66 w/ Light
Product# 03479963000P
Selling for $75.99

SurePunch Pro PDT with combination 110/66 cut-only blade & light with batteries. Terminate cable in a single punch, including Cat6. Detachable light with long-life LED designed to focus the light on the panel work area. Finger grips and non-slip rubber-embedded cushioned handle for comfort. Multi-use spudger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool. Hook to feed wires through holes. Pick to separate bonded twisted pair cables or to strip insulation and cut wire....

Paladin Tools DataShark DIY Crimp Bundle
Product# 03460025000P
Selling for $29.99

Complete tool bundle along with modular plugs to make RJ45 or RJ11 patch cords. Kit contains: Universal Cable Stripper, Modular Plug Crimper for RJ45 & RJ11/12, 10 RJ45 data plugs and 10 RJ11 phone plugs for solid, round wire....

Paladin Tools SealTite Pro Compression Crimp Tool
Product# 03479957000P
Selling for $69.99

Crimps all weatherproof & waterproof linear CATV "F", BNC, RCA & right-angle compression-type connectors for RG59, RG62AU, RG6 & RG6 Quad shield cables. The only tool with single, reversible head eliminating need for additional heads or plungers. Quickly & easily adjust crimp height with thumb screw & then once properly set, lock with adjustment lock. Works with all manufacturer's compression connectors. Advanced, fully-ratcheted system with comfortable, non-slip rubber-embedded handles....

Paladin Tools Tone & Probe Plus Cable-Check"
Product# 03479959000P
Selling for $89.99

With this set you can identify connector & cable pin-out with true cable mapping for both patch cords and installed cables. Also perform full-range continuity testing, line condition, signal tracing & wire identification with tone generator and tone probe cable tracer. RJ45 LAN Cable-Check" is a true cable mapper that identifies: open, crossed and shorted connections, connector and cable pin-out, clear LED display for each pin and shield, shielded RJ45 modular plug socket....

Paladin Tools Data/Link ID & Cable-Check"
Product# 03479960000P
Selling for $59.99

This handy unit is a multi-purpose continuity tester and network identifier at an affordable price. Tests UTP, STP & flat satin cables with RJ45 terminations and both data & phone connection schemes including patch cords & installed cables to identify good connections, opens, shorts, and cross-connections. Identifies data & link transmission speeds with real time detection. Detects PC (NIC) and HUB data transmissions and PC (NIC) & HUB NLP or FLP link pulse....

Paladin Tools Network Tools Bundle
Product# 03479967000P
Selling for $59.99

Install & repair Cat5 and Cat5e wall jacks and phone and network cable patch cords. Kit contains the Data SureStrip (model #1116), All-in-One DataComm Tool (WE/SS) (#1556), our ergonomic 110 Non-Impact Punchdown Tool (#3580), and ten each RJ11 and RJ45 modular plugs. Also contains easy-to-follow instructions....

Paladin Tools All-in-One DataComm Tool
Product# 03479958000P
Selling for $45.99

Truly an all-in-one phone and data tool with multi-function cutting, stripping and crimping capabilities. Use 3 crimp profiles and 3 cutting & stripping functions without changing tools or die sets. Cuts & strips 28-22 AWG (.08 -.34 mm) flat or round, solid or stranded telephone & data cables. Crimps Western Electric and Stewart Stamping RJ45, RJ11/RJ12 & RJ22 modular plugs. Effortless terminations with new advanced ratcheting mechanism; comfortable, rubber-embedded handles for sure grip....

Paladin Tools SurePunch PDT Blade, Double 110 Style
Product# 03479966000P
Selling for $19.99

Double 110 cut only blade. Terminate & cut pairs into standard 110 jacks & panels with .150" spacing. Works with Molex, Hubbell, Ortronics, Sprint, Hellerman-Tyton & other common keystone jacks. Check cross-reference for complete listing of comparable products. Works with any tool that accommodates twist-&-lock-style blades....

Paladin Tools Ultimate Technician Toolkit
Product# 03479969000P
Selling for $599.99

All the tools you need to install and maintain data and coaxial networks. Kit contains: KT 8 Professional Cutter, Data SureStrip", LC CST CATV Stripper, SealTite Pro Crimper, All-in-One DataComm Tool (WE/SS-style), SurePunch Pro PDT Handle Only, 110 Blade for SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs, 66 Blade - SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs, BIX" Blade for SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs, Krone LSA Blade for SurePunch & SurePunch PDTs, Double 110 Blade-SurePunch & SurePunch Pro,...

Paladin Tools Ultimate Premise Service Toolkit
Product# 03479970000P
Selling for $459.99

This kit is designed for todays on-the-go LAN professional. It provides all the tools and testers you need to maintain your data, voice and video networks. Kit contains: KT 8 Professional Cutter, Data SureStrip", LC CST CATV Stripper, Ergonomic CrimpALL/8000 Crimper (Frame), RJ11/12 WE/SS Die (6P6C, 6P4C, 6P2C), RJ45 WE/SS & CATV F Die, SurePunch Pro PDT Handle, 110 Blade for SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs, 66 Blade - SurePunch & SurePunch Pro PDTs, LAN ProNavigator" Tester,...

Paladin Tools Ultimate DataReady Pro Toolkit
Product# 03479971000P
Selling for $399.99

If youre an installer or technician needing a data cable tool kit solution, this is it! It includes all the tools you need for Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 installation or maintenance in our rugged Ultimate Tool Bag. Kit contains: Data SureStrip", Ergonomic CrimpALL/8000 Crimper Frame, RJ45 WE/SS Die (8P8C), RJ11/12 WE/SS Die (6P6C, 6P4C, 6P2C), RJ22 Handset WE/SS Die (4P4C), RJ45 AMP Die (8P8C), RJ11 AMP DEC-MMJ Offset Die (6P6C), SurePunch Pro PDT Handle, 110/66 Blade, Double 110 Blade...

Paladin Tools GripPack SurePunch Pro Technicians Kit
Product# 03479973000P
Selling for $139.99

Comes with the tools you use constantly throughout the day: Data Surestrip" UTP/STP & flat satin cutter/stripper, Datacomm & Telecom Scissors, SurePunchPro PDT with 110/66 Blade, Mini Maglite with 2 AA Batteries, and a black SharpiePen....

Paladin Tools DataShark Network Cable Tester
Product# 03460033000P
Selling for $27.99

Quickly & easily test your computer patch cords or installed cable runs to verify good connections or to troubleshoot problems. Identifies good connections, opens and shorts, and cross-connections. LED clearly lights for each pin and maps the cable run as the unit goes through the test cycle. Cable test begins automatically once the cable is plugged in and the tester's power button is on....

Paladin Tools DataShark All-in-One Coax Strip & Crimp Tool
Product# 03460038000P
Selling for $14.99

The DataShark All-In-One Strip and Crimp Tool is a low-cost solution for DIY cable installation. Cut, strip, and crimp, all in one tool. Cuts & strips RG6 coaxial cable - including steel center conductors. Crimps RG6 hex connectors....

Paladin Tools SealTite Pro A/V Compression Crimp Kit
Product# 03479968000P
Selling for $89.99

The SealTite Pro A/V kit is all you need to make custom-length digital and analog audio and component video cables using compression RCA, BNC and cable TV "F" connectors. Kit contains the SealTite Pro Compression Crimper (#1555) and the Smart Home SureStrip (#1119). Also contains 6 RG6/6 Quad connectors(2 of each): RCA, BNC, CATV "F", as well as colored bands for use on the BNC and RCA connectors. Also contains complete, easy-to-follow instructions....

Paladin Tools SmartHome SureStrip
Product# 03479953000P
Selling for $29.99

Professional all-in-one cutter and stripper for both twisted pair and coaxial cables. Cuts UTP/STP and coaxial cables. Strips Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5, , RG6, RG6 Quad, and RG59 for 2-level cable TV "F" connectors.Adjustable stripping blade for UTP/STP cable accommodates different insulation thicknesses without damaging conductors. Self-regulating cassette blade prevents nicks. Coax blade cassette is removable to adjust stripping depth of both blades with hex key included....

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