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Klein 8 in. Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Product# 00982245000P
Selling for $18.99

High leverage, heavy duty with head angled for easier work in confined areas....

Klein Wire Stripper/Cutter
Product# 00982251000P
Selling for $10.99

Compact and lightweight stripper gauges, cuts, strips and loops wire....

Klein Conduit Fitting/Reaming Screwdriver
Product# 00982252000P
Selling for $23.99

Hooded blade design keeps the tip from slipping out of screws. Also reams and smooths thin wall conduit....

Klein All-Purpose Tool
Product# 00982253000P
Selling for $17.99

All-purpose cutter and crimper handles a wide range of sizes and functions....

Klein High-Leverage Cable Cutter
Product# 00982254000P
Selling for $22.99

This tool handles most cable cutting jobs with ease....

Klein Comfort-Grip Handles
Product# 00982257000P
Selling for $5.99

Tenite plastic handles provide slip resistant grip and greater comfort....

Klein 9 in. High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers
Product# 00982258000P
Selling for $29.99

High leverage design provides 46 percent greater cutting and gripping power....

Klein Stranded Wire Stripper/Cutter
Product# 00982261000P
Selling for $10.99

Compact and lightweight stripper gauges, cuts, strips and loops wire....

Craftsman Copper Wire Stripping Tool
Product# 00982543000P
Selling for $8.99

Wire stripper for stranded copper wire AWG sizes 10-18. Features looping holes, pliers nose, lock tab and spring return handles....

Craftsman Stripping Tool
Product# 00982544000P
Selling for $8.99

Pull, strip and cut wire, grip small electrical nuts with [TT_Pliers] nose. Built-in looping holes loop wire quickly. Lock tab protects blades during storage. For 16-26 AWG wire....

Craftsman Electricians Tool
Product# 00982563000P
Selling for $13.99

Strips 10-20 AWG. Crimps 10-20 AWG. Long, curved cutter requires less force than other tools. (5) bolt cutting stations....

Klein 5-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver
Product# 00982950000P
Selling for $7.49

Contains: 5/16 nut driver, #1 and #2 Phillips, 9/32 slotted and 3/16 slotted screwdrivers....

Klein 10-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver
Product# 00982960000P
Selling for $10.49

Contains 5/16 and 1/4 in. nut drivers, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4 and 3/16 slotted, #10 and #15 TORX, #1 and #2 square recess tip screwdrivers....

Klein 7 pc. Cushion Grip Nut Driver Set
Product# 00982970000P
Selling for $37.99

Nut driver set with internal flanges that provide a solid, twist-resistant shaft anchor. Patented Tip-Ident quickly identifies nut driver and size. Color-coded handles for easy ID....

Klein 3 pc. Tool Set, Electrician
Product# 00982992000P
Selling for $38.99

This handy and versatile set is a must for the electrician's professional. Perfect for all your general purpose day-to-day needs....

Klein 10 in. Journeyman Pump Pliers
Product# 00983190000P
Selling for $22.99

Journeyman handles are made with a state-of-the-art dual material molding process. The hard black material is for toughness and durability. The soft material on the outer surface is for comfort and a firm grip. The contoured thumb area is for additional comfort and a positive feel. The color coded handles allow for quick tool identification....

KD Tools Tubing Bender
Product# 00999090000P
Selling for $11.99

Bends 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 in. diameter tubing without kinking. Heavy duty construction provides years of service....

Actron Digital Multimeter
Product# 00999446000P
Selling for $19.99

Ideal for home and shop use. Checks AC/DC voltage, amps, resistance, transistors and diodes....

Dorcy Luminator 6V Lantern
Product# 03401880000P
Selling for $3.99

Lantern with durable push button switch and wireless integrated battery contact plate. Weatherproof. Includes a 6 volt battery....

Streamlight Argo Luxeon Headlamp
Product# 03414070000P
Selling for $34.99

This lightweight headlamp features three digitally controlled brightness levels for short, medium and long distances. A super-bright Luxeon LED delivers a maximum power of 24 lumens. Features durable design, rubber strap and comfortable elastic headstrap. Delivers up to 6-1/2 hours run time. Uses 3 AAA batteries, included. Wt. 0.56 lb....

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