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Product# 03470510000P
Selling for $149.99

The Fluke 561 combines the temperature measurement functions that industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals need. It measures both IR and contact temperature. Its fast, efficient, and easy to use, saving you valuable time and effort. Use the Fluke 561s handy Velcro pipe probe or,plug in any standard, K-type mini-connector thermocouple probe. Velcro pipe probe for superheat and other contact and ambient measurements. Single-point laser sighting Temperature range of -40 F to 1022 F Easy emissivity adjustment for measuring shiny materials more accurately...

Fluke TLK-225
Product# 03470692000P
Selling for $108.99

SureGrip Master Accessory Kit...

Fluke L206
Product# 03470636000P
Selling for $32.99

Deluxe LED Hat Light...

Product# 03470495000P
Selling for $222.99

Auto shut-off maximizes battery life and makes sure the meter works when you need it. The slim, easy-to-grip body fits comfortably in your hand. The narrow jaws easily squeeze in and out of the tight spots. The large, backlit display makes measurements easy to see in any light. And if you need to troubleshoot current surges that can trip motor starters, choose a model with the inrush current function....

Fluke BP880
Product# 03470568000P
Selling for $14.99

BNC to Female Double Stacking Banana Plug...

Fluke TL82
Product# 03470682000P
Selling for $72.99

Automotive Pin & Socket Adapter Set...

Fluke I400
Product# 03470624000P
Selling for $112.99

AC Current Clamp...

Product# 03470480000P
Selling for $586.99

The Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, True RMS digital multimeter in a single, compact, handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance....

Fluke 983 Particle Counter
Product# 03470472000P
Selling for $4495.0

Measures and displays six channels of particle size distribution. Holds 5000 logged samples including date, time, counts, sample volume, temperature and relative humidity. Data is easily downloaded using the included windows compatible utility software. Allows you to determine size distribution of airborne particles or track down a particle source. Graphic LCD display with backlights. Simple connection to computer and printer. Selectable sample time, count data and programmable delay. Set sample size to cubic feet or liters, set temp. to C or F. Data displayed in totalize or concentration modes. Battery or AC operation....

Fluke 971 Temperature and Humidity Meter
Product# 03470468000P
Selling for $198.99

Temperature and humidity are two important factors in maintaining optimal comfort levels and good indoor air quality. Quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings with the Fluke 971. The Fluke 971 is invaluable for facility maintenance and utility technicians. HVAC-service contractors, and specialists who assess indoor air quality (IAQ). Lightweight and easy to hold, it is the perfect tool for monitoring problem areas. With rugged holster and twist open protective sensor cover it is built to perform and made to last. Backlit dual display of humidity and temperature. Measures dew point and wet bulb temperatures. 99 record storage capacity. Ergonomic design with belt clip and protective holster. Quick response capacitance sensor. Compact and lightweight at 6.6oz, temp range from -20C to 60C, relative humidity from 5% to 95% min/max/data hold and low battery indicator....

Product# 03470477000P
Selling for $427.99

The Fluke 1507 Insulation Testers are compact, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. With their multiple test voltages, they are ideal for many troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications. Additional features on the tools save b...

Fluke IR189USB
Product# 03470633000P
Selling for $39.99

USB Cable for Fluke-189 DMMs...

Product# 03470490000P
Selling for $25.25

The next generation Fluke 1LAC-II ac voltage detectors, with VoltAlert" non-contact voltage detection, are easy to use - just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or cord. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there's voltage in the line. Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits and defective grounds on the factory floor, in the shop, or at home....

Fluke TLK291
Product# 03470696000P
Selling for $54.99

Fused Test Probe Set...

Product# 03470745000P
Selling for $346.99

ACDC Multimeter Current Probe, 30A range, DC to 20kHz, 1 mA resolution, 19mm jaw, dual banana and BNC adaptor...

Fluke C101
Product# 03470573000P
Selling for $44.99

Hard Case...

Product# 03470714000P
Selling for $129.95


Fluke 902 True RMS HVAC Clamp Meter
Product# 03470465000P
Selling for $218.99

HVAC technicians require a service tool that can consistently keep up with their demands. The Fluke 902 expands the existing line of quality Fluke clamp meters by delivering the features necessary to diagnose and repair HVAC systems. Combined with True-rms technology and a CAT III 600 V rating the Fluke 902 helps technicians do their jobs safely and accurately. Designed for applications with capacitance, DC current, and temperature measurements. Small body and jaws fit perfectly in your hand and into tight places. Handy display "hold" button keeps measurements on the display. Meter controls are positioned so current measurements can be done with one hand (index finger on clamp opening lever and thumb on the rotary switch. 0-600V AC/DC, 1% + or - 5 counts, 0-600A, 2% + or - 5 counts, AC volts/amps measured in True TMS, Capacitance 1uf-1000uf, 1.9% +or-2 counts, continuity less than or equal to 30 ohms, resistance 0 to 9999 ohms, 1.5% + or - 5 counts, temperature range -10C to 400C +or-5%...

Product# 03470484000P
Selling for $1299.99

The new Fluke-1623 GEO Earth Ground Tester offer an innovative solution, called Stakeless testing, along with additional advanced features to make your earth ground loop resistance testing quicker and easier. The Fluke -1623 are distinctive testers that can perform all four types of earth ground measurement: 2 and 3 Pole Fall of Potential (using stakes) 4 Pole Soil Resistivity testing (using stakes) Selective testing (using 1 clamp and stakes) Stakeless testing (using 2 clamps only)....

Product# 03470751000P
Selling for $381.99

Flexible AC Current Probe, 30/300/3000A Ranges, 10 Hz to 50 kHz, 24 inch measuring head...

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