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Craftsman C3 19.2 volt Work Light
Product# 00911391000P
Selling for $14.99

19.2 volt work light with a 180 degree pivoting head, overmold grip and switch, and high-intensity bulb. Battery sold separately....

Craftsman C3 19.2 volt Fluorescent Light
Product# 00911407000P
Selling for $14.99

Emits a soft light over the entire work area. Shock-absorbent boot helps protect the tube upon impact. Folding hang hook, lanyard for ease of carrying. Battery not included....

Craftsman 1/4 in. x 50 ft. Welding Hose Reel, Retractable
Product# 00916343000P
Selling for $269.99

UV stabilized polypropylene material won't rust or corrode. Duel gas swivel for oxy/acetylene applications....

Lincoln Electric 225 amp AC 125 amp DC WELDER
Product# 00920012000P
Selling for $499.99

Portable AC welder for all of your electrical jobs....

Lincoln Electric Wheel Kit, Undercarriage for Welder
Product# 00920014000P
Selling for $12.99

Provides convenient mobility. Includes two 6 in. wheels and all necessary installation hardware. For use with Lincoln Electric Welders (Sears 009-20012, 009-20015 and 009-20444)....

Lincoln Electric AC Stick Electrode Welders
Product# 00920015000P
Selling for $279.99

The ultimate for maintenance and fabricating. 225 amp AC model fabricates 16 gauge and heavier steel. Takes eletrodes to 3/16 in. in diameter. Includes electrode, ground clamps, cables and headshield....

Lincoln Electric 125 amp Welder/Generator
Product# 00920130000P
Selling for $1399.99

Briggs & Stratton engine. Auxiliary 115V/230V 60Hz power. One duplex 115V/one 230V receptacle....

Schumacher Welding Rod Keeper
Product# 00920167000P
Selling for $6.99

This convenient waterproof container keeps up to 10 lbs. of welding electrodes clean and dry. Features a belt clip to keep rods handy and within reach wherever you are....

Harris Calorific Cutter Pac for Acetylene/Oxygen
Product# 00920168000P
Selling for $299.99

Cutter Pac cuts scrap metal and is ideal for fabrication use. Cutting torch outfit is equipped with flash guard check valves....

Harris Calorific Shielding Gas Kit
Product# 00920171000P
Selling for $79.99

Use with any MIG or TIG welder. Ideal for back-gassing, back-shielding workpieces. Includes CO2 flow meter, regulator, argon adapter and 5/16 in. x 10 ft. hose....

Lincoln Electric Wheel Kit, Undercarriage for Welder/Generator
Product# 00920189000P
Selling for $199.99

Adds convenient mobility to your welder/generator. For use with Lincoln Electric Welder/Generator (Sears 009-20091). For use with Lincoln Electric: Eagle 10,000 (Sears 009-20610)....

Craftsman Deluxe Oxygen/Acetylene Welding Cutting Outfit
Product# 00920208000P
Selling for $299.99

Cuts to 6 inches and welds to 1 inch with optional tips....

Harris No. 1 Propane Cutting Tip
Product# 00920219000P
Selling for $11.99

No. 1 propane cutting tip....

Harris Oxygen Cylinder, Refillable
Product# 00920220000P
Selling for $89.99

This empty cylinder holds 20 cu. ft. of oxygen and is easy to transport with you while you weld. Features standard CGA-540 valve....

Harris Acetylene Cylinder, Refillable
Product# 00920221000P
Selling for $89.99

This empty MC cylinder will hold 10 cu. ft. of acetylene and is easy to transport with you while you weld. Features standard CGA-200 valve....

Harris No. 2 Propane Cutting Tip
Product# 00920222000P
Selling for $11.99

No. 2 propane cutting tip....

Craftsman No. 4 Propane Cutting Tip
Product# 00920224000P
Selling for $11.99

No. 4 propane cutting tip....

Harris Calorific Cutter Pac
Product# 00920225000P
Selling for $299.99

Oxygen/propane outfit can be used on any standard P.O.L. propane cylinder....

Clarke Gas Conversion Kit
Product# 00920255000P
Selling for $69.99

For use with all Craftsman MIG welders. Includes: Professional dual gauge gas regulator, Compatible with most types of welding gas cylinders. Gauge 1 displays air flow pressure 0-15 LPM. Gauge 2 displays cylinder pressure 0-4500 PSI, CGA 580 threaded nut. Adjustable flow control mounted on front of regulator. .023 in. mild steel welding wire - 2lb. spool. 6 - .023 in. welder contact tips. 2 Foot Gas Hose. 2 - Hose Clamps. Barbed hose fitting....

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