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Craftsman 18 in. Laser-Guided Wet Tile Saw with Stand and Bonus Blade
Product# 00921541000P
Selling for $299.99

Get precision cuts through ceramic, granite and even marble with this laser-guided water-cooled saw. Features a 1-hp, 6.7 amp motor that delivers 3,550 rpm cutting speed. Includes a 7 in. wet cutting diamond blade, water pump and adjustable rip guide. Comes with a BONUS 7-inch diamond blade. Wt. 67 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Port-A-Mate Bench Tool Workcenter with BONUS Quick Mount
Product# 00921543000P
Selling for $229.99

Ergonomically designed unit measures 33 inches high with a stable 67 x 25 inch footprint. Complete with roller supports with flip stops, quick-mount attachment, built-in power strip, adjustable worklight and storage. Supports up to 16-foot work piece. Folds for transport. Comes with BONUS quick-mount set for additional power tool. Saw not included. Wt. 82 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Craftsman Professional 18 in. Drum Sander with Dust Collection System
Product# 00921568000P
Selling for $899.99

3 hp max. developed motor delivers 3450 RPM; drum operates at 4000 RPM. Table raises and lowers. Variable 2-12 FPM conveyor belt. Maximum sanding capacity of 18/36x5 in....

Craftsman 18 in. Scroll Saw
Product# 00921609000P
Selling for $199.99

18 in. Craftsman scroll saw with an ON/OFF foot pedal for superior control when cutting. 18 in. throat depth for more versatility on larger scrolling projects. Variable speed 0-1700 strokes per minute for cutting in many types of material. Integrated blower and work light direct light and blower in most convenient direction simultaneously....

Craftsman Professional 16 in. Variable Speed Tilt Arm Scroll Saw with Dust Collector
Product# 00921612000P
Selling for $279.99

Get clean, precise cuts through hardwoods, softwoods, plastics, non-ferrous metals. Mechanical variable speed control delivers 300 to 1400 strokes per minute....

Craftsman Professional 15 in. Planer
Product# 00921702000P
Selling for $1399.99

Planes stock up to 15W x 6D in. 3-hp, 230V single-phase motor. 6-hp maximum developed. Digital display for quick table setting. Hand-crank adjusts the table 1/16 inch for every turn. Two feed rates: 16 or 25 feet per minute at 15,000 cuts per minute. Max 1/8 inch depth-of-cut per pass. Three HSS blades in 3-inch cutter head. Cast iron table and extensions raise and lower on precision ground, guarded columns. Lock knobs hold depth setting. 4-inch chip chute hooks up to dust collection. Safety switch features mushroom style positive stop with lock-out feature. Includes blade setting gauge....

Craftsman Professional 8 in. Jointer
Product# 00921703000P
Selling for $1199.99

Cuts up to 8 1/8 inches wide boards. Powered by 2-hp, 3,450 rpm 230V single-phase motor producing 4-hp maximum developed. 9 1/4W x 72L in. work table made of heavy cast iron are precision machined with dovetail ways for extremely smooth surface and rigidity. Easy-to-adjust tables -in-feed has a positive stop at 1/8-inch and out feed at zero; both adjust to accomodate a 1/2-inch rabbeting. Balanced cutter head is precision machined from a single piece of alloy steel and rotates at 5000rpm on permanently lubricated ball bearings....

Craftsman Professional 20 in. Planer
Product# 00921704000P
Selling for $2399.99

Handles stock up to 20W x 8D-in. Cast-iron unit with all welded steel cabinet for stability. 3-hp, 230-volt single-phase motor. 6-hp maximum developed. Two feed rates: 16 or 25fpm at 20,000 cuts per minute. Digital display for quick table setting. Precision geared hand-crank adjusts table 1/16 inch for every turn. Max 1/4-in. blade depth per pass. Safety switch features mushroom style positive stop with lock-out feature. Includes blade setting gauge. Imported. CSA listed....

Craftsman Professional 6-1/8 in. Jointer/Planer
Product# 00921705000P
Selling for $529.99

Powerful 1-1/2hp motor. 46 in. cast iron table with convenient control lever for easy height adjustment. Industrial-style, post-mounted push button switch. Large 29-1/2 x 4-1/2 in. Cast iron fence has positive stops at 45 & 90 and tilts 45 in & out. Enclosed cabinet-style stand with louvers keeps motor cool. Built-in, 4 in. diameter dust port for efficient dust collection; on-board storage for push blocks for quick and convenient access....

Craftsman 15 in. Lathe, Bench Top, Variable Speed
Product# 00921715000P
Selling for $499.99

Features cast-iron bed, headstock and tailstock. Lathe is designed to turn up to 38 in. spindles and turn 15 in. bowls inboard and up to 20 in. bowls outboard....

Craftsman Professional 13 in. Bench Top Planer
Product# 00921743000P
Selling for $429.99

Features 15 amp, 2-1/2 hp max developed motor with 8,000 rpm cutterhead speed. 2 double-edged knives of HSS deliver 16,000 cpm. Dust collection system with half bag for use with a plastic bag....

Craftsman 12-1/2 in. Thickness Planer
Product# 00921758000P
Selling for $259.99

This is a no-frills, durable planer for beginner to professional projects. The 12 amp motor operates at 120 volts using standard household current. At 61 lbs. this unit is lightweight and portable. The maximum capacity of 12-1/2 in. wide by 6 in. thick is probably larger than you will need, but this unit will handle it. The patented Reversible Dust Collection Chute easily connects to a wet/dry vac keeping your shop clean. Includes blade magnets and allen wrench....

Craftsman Professional 13 in. 3-Blade Planer with Built-In Dust Collector
Product# 00921759000P
Selling for $529.99

This planer provides performance as well as features. 3-blade cutterhead, 2-speed auto-feed, 8,000 rpm cutterhead speed and 4 lead screw design produce a finish that may not need sanding. Digital readout for accurate finished piece dimensions. Built-in dust collector helps reduce harmful dust particles in the air. Also includes: preset depth gauge, workpiece return rollers, infeed/outfeed extension tables. 98 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Craftsman 4-1/8 in. Bench Top Jointer/Planer
Product# 00921762000P
Selling for $159.99

Compact, portable, lightweight design makes this a great tool for your shop. Cast iron table provides smooth even cuts. Fence tilts 90 to 45 degrees for bevel cutting. Cutterhead lock makes blade changing of the two 4-1/8 in. wide high speed steel blades easy. Blades can also be resharpened. Includes 2 push blocks and locking rocker switch. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Craftsman 6-1/8 in. Jointer/Planer
Product# 00921788000P
Selling for $269.99

Adjustable infeed Table for cuts up to 1/8 in. deep. Plane boards up to 6-1/8 in. wide with two high-speed steel cutting blades....

Craftsman 10 in. Bench Top Table Saw
Product# 00921803000P
Selling for $149.99

The perfect addition to any wood working shop or garage. 15 amp motor with plenty of power to get the job done....

Craftsman 10 in. Table Saw
Product# 00921805000P
Selling for $219.99

10 in. Craftsman table saw with a folding collapsible stand for easy portability and storage. Right and left telescoping wings for 30 in. right and 18 in. left rip capacity. Toolless assembly to legset and blade guard for quick and easy setup. Dustbag mounts onto stand for fast setup and clean work area. Rear outfeed to help support workpiece when ripping....

Craftsman 10 in. Table Saw, Portable
Product# 00921806000P
Selling for $269.99

10 in. Craftsman portable table saw with a collapsible stand that allows for storage in workshop and mobility from one jobsite to another. Sliding rails allow for a 30 in. right and 7 in. left rip capacity. Sliding miter table with built-in miter gauge allows for smooth and accurate cross-cuts. Rear outfeed to help support workpiece when ripping....

Craftsman Hollow Chisel Mortiser
Product# 00921907000P
Selling for $249.99

Large cast iron base dampens vibration and adds stability during operation. Extra-long fence with micro-adjustment. Quill handle can be mounted to the right or left side of quill for user-convenience. Includes adapter for bits of varying lengths. Convenient bit storage tray . Comes with four chisels and bits set and a 2-1/4 inch riser block....

Craftsman Professional Laser Trac" 10 in. Radial Arm Saw
Product# 00922010000P
Selling for $699.99

10 in. radial arm saw with Laser Trac" technology designed to assist in aligning the blade to the work piece. 3 hp maximum developed motor for the toughest cutting jobs....

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