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Jet 1 hp Shaper
Product# 00923729000P
Selling for $599.99

Featuring a powerful 1 hp motor with industrial controls, this Shaper delivers consistent performance and great results. It also features two reversible spindle speeds, allowing you to select the best speed and torque for a variety of cutters and materials. An open-style steel stand offers support and stability to the machine while in operation. Also, a 4 in. dust port connects to your collection system to keep your workplace dust and debris-free....

Delta Tools 12 in. Drill Press with Laser
Product# 00923982000P
Selling for $199.99

This drill press from Delta Tools features a fully adjustable twin laser pod projects a bright red crosshair on the work surface at the point of bit contact. Induction motor provides long-lasting, smooth performance. Pivoting motor mount maintains correct belt tension and facilitates speed changes. Three spoke pilot wheel provides operator convenience. Adjustable position, locking depth stop allows for accurate depth measurement and repetitive drilling....

Jet 12 in. Left Tilting Arbor XACTA Saw
Product# 00990629000P
Selling for $3013.99

Featuring the Deluxe Micro Adjust XACTA Fence II with 50 in. rip capacity, T-square design and HDPE side boards, this 10 in. Left-Tilting Arbor Saw makes a great addition to any woodworking shop. Its one-piece closed stand channels dust through a 4 in. port for fast, clean dust collection. The rail-mounted magnetic switch is easy to reach and provides overload protection....

Jet 10 in. Super Saw with Closed Stand & 30 in. XACTA Fence
Product# 00990631000P
Selling for $1599.99

Featuring the XACTA Fence II system with T-square design and HDPE sideboards, this 10 in. Super Saw makes a great addition to any woodworking shop. Its enclosed cabinet channels dust to a 4 in. port for fast, clean dust collection. The Super Saw's moveable power switch with reset and power light allows you to customize the position of your on/off switch for convenience and safety....

Jet 22-44 Pro Drum Sander
Product# 00990638000P
Selling for $2590.99

This 20 amp Drum Sander is just the thing for your woodworking shop. The infinitely variable feed control feature produces the ultimate finish at a rate from 0 to 10 ft. per minute. Its 22 in. wide suspended drum is supported on both ends with a truss-like carriage arm for greater strength and easy alignment to the table surface. Plus, patented conveyor belt TRACKERS" dramatically reduce the need for manual belt adjustments. Finally, the cast-aluminum stand, zinc-plated steel bed, and a center-less ground column tube give you solid construction you can depend on....

Craftsman Professional 14 in. Horizontal Roller Head Support Stand
Product# 00921417000P
Selling for $99.99

Ideal for flat and rectangular stock, this heavy duty support stand holds up to 2000 lbs. Adjustable from 23-1/2 to 38-1/2 in. high. Use with jointer, planers, band saws or table saws....

Work Sharp Tool Sharpener
Product# 00921187000P
Selling for $119.99

Sharpen chisels and plane irons up to 1-5/8 in. wide to a perfect 25 deg. angle using a precise and repeatable air-cooled port. The two-sided Edge-Vision slotted wheel allows you to see the cutting edge of carving and lathe tools as you sharpen or grind. Sharpen flat blade tools (scrapers, axes, etc.) on the top side of the wheel; it even makes a great low-speed multi-purpose shop grinder....

Work Sharp Wood Tool Sharpener
Product# 00921198000P
Selling for $199.99

This innovative air-cooled, dry sharpening system quickly and consistently sharpens, chisels and plane irons up to 2 in. wide to a 20, 25, 30 or 35 deg. bevel angle. It uses tempered glass wheels and adhesive-backed abrasives in P120, P400, P1000 and 3600 grits for sharpening and honing. The Edge-Vision slotted wheel allows you to view through the wheel and see the cutting edge of carving and lathe tools as you sharpen....

Jet 2 hp Shaper
Product# 00990684000P
Selling for $1349.99

Featuring a powerful 2 hp motor and heavy-duty magnetic controls, this Shaper delivers smooth, consistent performance, even on the heaviest jobs. Its two-speed step pulley drive lets you select the best speed and torque for different cutter diameters. The fully enclosed, heavy-duty steel stand has a removable cover for easy motor access. Also, a 4 in. dust port connects to your collection system to keep your workplace dust and debris-free....

DeWalt 10 in. Compound Miter Saw
Product# 00923427000P
Selling for $280.99

This compound miter saw is powered by a15 amp motor delivering 5,000 rpm for extended power and durability. The stainless steel detent plate with 11 positive stops improves productivity and ensures cutting accuracy. Its machined base fence support provides a solid foundation to the fence system for more accurate cuts. 0-50 degree miter ability (left and right) allows for greater capacity in all cutting applications. 0-48 degree bevel delivers increased capacity for square corners....

Craftsman 15 in. Variable Speed Wood Lathe with Bonus Accessories
Product# 00921750000P
Selling for $1193.96

Complete lathe package for the serious woodworker. Includes 15 in. wood lathe #21715, lathe stand #22249, copy crafter #24951, bowl turning rest #24903 and turning tools (roughing gouge, spindle gouge and parting tool) #28590, #28591 and #28594....

Port-A-Mate Universal Mobile Base
Product# 00921271000P
Selling for $69.99

Stable four-wheel design. Foot-operated levers lift the machine for movement. Rubber leveling feet park the item for use. Increases the height of the item just 9/16 in. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Jet 10 in. 3 hp Cabinet Saw with XACTA Fence, Extension Wings, Table Board & Legs
Product# 00990623000P
Selling for $1706.99

This 10 in. Right Tilt Cabinet Saw from Jet has everything you've been looking for. The 27 in. x 40 in. T-slot table has a deluxe miter gauge and a beveled front table edge allowing smooth crosscutting capability, while the adjustable positive stops on the miter gauge at 45 and 90 degrees ensure accuracy. Three matched V-belts mounted between the arbor bearings mean longer bearing life, greater stability, and full power to the blade. The see-through blade guard is easily removed for non-through cutting, while a 4 in. dust port allows easy connection to a dust collection system. Includes the 50 in. Xacta precision fence system, T-style miter gauge, blade guard/splitter, cast-iron extension wings, one-piece steel cabinet, and 4 in. dust port. Table and legs included. Blade not included....

Evollution Tools Evolution 10-inch Rage 3 Multipurpose Compound Sliding Miter Saw
Product# 00961253000P
Selling for $299.99

Uniquely versatile, this saw cuts aluminum and steel sections and pipes, wood and processed timbers, plastic and PVC all with the same blade. Features rail-mounted sliding blade carriage for big cross-cut capacity. Performs left/right miter cuts up to 45 degrees and bevels cuts left to 45 degrees. Comes with Rage 3 blade and box spanners. Warranted. Wt. 45 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Evollution Tools Evolution 14-inch Rage 2 TCT Multipurpose Chop Saw
Product# 00961252000P
Selling for $279.99

This incredible cut-off saw outperforms abrasive saws. Featuring patented RAGE technology, utilizing a TCT blade rather than an abrasive wheel. Plus it has the ability to cut steel, aluminum and wood with a single blade. Fast cuts require no coolant with no burr and virtually no sparks. Delivers up to 1,000 cuts in 1/4-inch mild steel before a replacement blade is needed. Comes with Rage 2 blade and hex keys. Warranted. Wt. 61 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Port-A-Mate HTC3000 Professional Mobile Base
Product# 00922308000P
Selling for $99.99

Provides portability for stationary power tools. Slotted side rails adjust to fit any stationary power tool from 14 x 14 in. to 38 x 38 in. Foot operated floor locks and wheel locks secure the machine. 3 in. heavy-duty wheels, steel construction and 700 lbs. capacity. Regularly priced $99.99. Wt. 19 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

CFM Products Blue Blower Accessory Heater
Product# 00990908000P
Selling for $39.99

This 5,300 BTU heater quickly converts your Blue Blower into a lightweight, portable heater. Ideal for personal comfort and drying applications. Features lighted on/off switch and automatic over-temperature shut-off switch. Wt. 3 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

CFM Products Blue Blower BB3000i 3-Speed Professional Air Mover
Product# 00990910000P
Selling for $79.99

Commercial-quality powerful, portable 8-pound air-moving machine produces 300 cu. ft. per min. of cooling air for areas up to 30 feet away. Compact and quiet, it features built-in handles and two built-in 15-amp grounded receptacles for power tools. Wt. 9 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

Makita 10 in. Table Saw
Product# 00990707000P
Selling for $599.99

This table saw from Makita features a right extension table, allowing for greater cutting capacity. Its aluminum die cast precision-machined table top remains flat and true for out-of-the-box accuracy. This table saw also features complete storage capacity, with space to hold most commonly used accessories including the saw blade, power supply cord, miter gauge, rip fence, push stick, wrench, safety guard and dado blade. Includes carbide-tipped blade, rip fence, angled miter gauge, #5 wrench, #19 wrench, #13 - #22 socket wrenches and a portable table saw stand....

CFM Products Blue Blower PB2500 3-Speed Commercial Grade Blower
Product# 00990911000P
Selling for $249.99

Turbine 1/2-hp motor moves air at 2500 cfm. Heavy-duty 30-foot cord and built-in handle. Wt. 36 lbs. Catalog/Online Exclusive....

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